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const int AEncodeProperties::GetBitrateString ( char *  string,
int  string_size,
int  a_bitrateID 
) const

Get the (VBR:min) bitrate corresponding to the specified index in the form of a string.

stringthe string that will be filled
string_sizethe size of the string
a_bitrateIDthe index in the Bitrate table
-1 if the bitrate is not found, and the number of char copied otherwise

Definition at line 264 of file AEncodeProperties.cpp.

      assert(a_bitrateID < sizeof(the_Bitrates));
      assert(string != NULL);

      if (string_size >= 4)
            return wsprintf(string,"%d",the_Bitrates[a_bitrateID]);
            return -1;

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