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DecodeStream Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool close (LPBYTE pOutputBuffer, DWORD *pOutputSize)
bool ConvertBuffer (LPACMDRVSTREAMHEADER a_StreamHeader)
DWORD GetOutputSizeForInput (const DWORD the_SrcLength) const
bool init (const int nSamplesPerSec, const int nChannels, const int nAvgBytesPerSec, const int nSourceBitrate)
bool open ()

Static Public Member Functions

static DecodeStreamCreate ()
static const bool Erase (const DecodeStream *a_ACMStream)
static unsigned int GetOutputSampleRate (int samples_per_sec, int bitrate, int channels)

Protected Member Functions

int GetBytesPerBlock (DWORD bytes_per_sec, DWORD samples_per_sec, int BlockAlign) const

Protected Attributes

char m_WorkingBuffer [2304 *2]
unsigned int m_WorkingBufferUseSize
int my_AvgBytesPerSec
int my_Channels
MPSTR my_DecodeData
DWORD my_SamplesPerBlock
int my_SamplesPerSec
int my_SourceBitrate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file DecodeStream.h.

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