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Public Attributes

lame_internal_flags Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

FLOAT amp_filter [32]
int ancillary_flag
int AudiophileGain
int bitrate_blockType_Hist [16][4+1+1]
int bitrate_index
int bitrate_stereoMode_Hist [16][4+1]
sample_t * blackfilt [2 *BPC+1]
int blocktype_old [2]
int bm_l [SBMAX_l]
int bm_s [SBMAX_s]
int bo_l [SBMAX_l]
int bo_s [SBMAX_s]
Bit_stream_struc bs
char bv_scf [576]
int channels_in
int channels_out
int(* choose_table )(const int *ix, const int *const end, int *const s)
unsigned long Class_ID
struct {
   unsigned int   AMD_3DNow:1
   unsigned int   MMX:1
   unsigned int   SSE:1
   unsigned int   SSE2:1
int CurrentStep [2]
FLOAT decay
unsigned int decode_on_the_fly:1
III_psy_xmin en [4]
void(* fft_fht )(FLOAT *, int)
int fill_buffer_resample_init
unsigned int findPeakSample:1
unsigned int findReplayGain:1
int frac_SpF
int full_outer_loop
int h_ptr
struct {
   char   buf [MAX_HEADER_LEN]
   int   ptr
   int   write_timing
FLOAT highpass1
FLOAT highpass2
hip_t hip
sample_t * in_buffer_0
sample_t * in_buffer_1
int in_buffer_nsamples
sample_t * inbuf_old [2]
void(* init_xrpow_core )(gr_info *const cod_info, FLOAT xrpow[576], int upper, FLOAT *sum)
int iteration_init_init
iteration_loop_t iteration_loop
double itime [2]
III_side_info_t l3_side
int lame_encode_frame_init
FLOAT loudness_sq [2][2]
FLOAT loudness_sq_save [2]
FLOAT lowpass1
FLOAT lowpass2
FLOAT masking_lower
int mf_samples_to_encode
int mf_size
sample_t mfbuf [2][MFSIZE]
FLOAT minval_l [CBANDS]
FLOAT minval_s [CBANDS]
FLOAT mld_cb_l [CBANDS]
FLOAT mld_cb_s [CBANDS]
FLOAT mld_l [SBMAX_l]
FLOAT mld_s [SBMAX_s]
int mode_ext
int mode_gr
FLOAT ms_ener_ratio_old
FLOAT ms_ratio [2]
FLOAT ms_ratio_l_old
FLOAT ms_ratio_s_old
FLOAT nb_1 [4][CBANDS]
FLOAT nb_2 [4][CBANDS]
FLOAT nb_s1 [4][CBANDS]
FLOAT nb_s2 [4][CBANDS]
uint16_t nMusicCRC
int noclipGainChange
FLOAT noclipScale
int nogap_current
int nogap_total
int noise_shaping
int noise_shaping_amp
int noise_shaping_stop
int npart_l
int npart_s
nsPsy_t nsPsy
int numlines_l [CBANDS]
int numlines_l_num1
int numlines_s [CBANDS]
int numlines_s_num1
int OldValue [2]
int padding
FLOAT pe [4]
sample_t PeakSample
int pseudohalf [SFBMAX]
int psymodel
int RadioGain
struct {
   void(*   debugf )(const char *format, va_list ap)
   void(*   errorf )(const char *format, va_list ap)
   void(*   msgf )(const char *format, va_list ap)
double resample_ratio
int ResvMax
int ResvSize
FLOAT rnumlines_l [CBANDS]
FLOAT * s3_ll
FLOAT * s3_ss
int s3ind [CBANDS][2]
int s3ind_s [CBANDS][2]
int samplerate_index
FLOAT sb_sample [2][2][18][SBLIMIT]
scalefac_struct scalefac_band
int sfb21_extra
int sideinfo_len
int slot_lag
int subblock_gain
int substep_shaping
struct id3tag_spec tag_spec
III_psy_xmin thm [4]
FLOAT tot_ener [4]
int use_best_huffman
int VBR_max_bitrate
int VBR_min_bitrate
VBR_seek_info_t VBR_seek_table
int w_ptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 220 of file util.h.

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